About us

Our Department deals with theories and practice in Saemaul international development mainly based on the experience of community development in Korea known as “Saemaul,”
which increasingly attracts international attention as a successful example for developing countries.

In addition, students also study social welfare and Saemaul development in international context. This will student equip with wide range of knowledge and skills required to be an expert and practitioner in this field.

Thus, this major focuses primarily on providing an education that fosters experts in the applied social science field needed for international development and social welfare. It also studies theories and methodologies for the social economy, community development and organization, international social welfare practice and policy, welfare administration, social research and statistics, regional planing, economic

development, geographical information system, etc.

This Department was first established as the Department of Community Development in 1976, in which the first to fourth batch of students were admitted on a special basis and received full scholarships for their entire studies. After graduating, they were employed as level 7 public employees. In 1987, its name was changed to the Department of Regional Development and was under the College of Political

Science and Public Administration. In 1999, it was changed to the Major of Regional Development as part of the School of Public

Administration and night courses was also introduced. In 2007, the major became an independent department again and the name was changed to the Major of Regional Development and Welfare Administration. Then from 2014, the Department have the current name and more specialized in international development.


Education Center for Global Village Co-prosperity

Our vision is cultivating experts and practitioners in the Saemaul International Development Field, which leads to the mutual growth of the global community.

Education Center for Global Village Co-prosperity which was selected as the ‘University for Creative Korea’ for the upbringing of local universities has been operated since 2015 is responsible for the project of Saemaul International Development Department develops projects to train international development experts. In addition, it has been selected as the Ministry of Education’s ‘Regional Specialization Department’ and has been supported up to 1,250 million won for five years.

Based on the Saemaul Undong Movement, Education Center for Global Village Co-prosperity is planning a program to help students develop competencies and experts to participate in international development cooperation, and supports various scholarship and education programs. Through Saemaul International Development Field Study / Institution Visit, Overseas Saemaeul Exercise Field Tour, Overseas Dispatch Education, Volunteer Activity, Club Activity / Practical Training, Operation of Foreign Language Ability Improvement Program and Job Consulting, students and experts can be competitive.