Academic Courses

The Department of Saemaul Studies and International Development major offers unique pre-professional programs that prepare students for their future career in international development and social welfare. The academic program is designed to improve four core areas of quality

  • 1. Global attainments

    • A. Analyzing and forward-looking global change of environment
    • B. Visioning and cooperative leadership
    • C. Volunteerism and solidarity
    • D. Generosity toward multi-culture
  • 2. Analyzing, creating, and planning

    • A. Balanced view for problem-solving
    • B. Harmonized and integrated approach
    • C. Coordination and mediation skills
    • D. Foreign language skills
  • 3. Managing, communicating, and negotiating

    • A. Economy, welfare, environment, space, and SOC
    • B. Planning, implementing, evaluating in specialized field
    • C. Resolving atypical matters
  • 4. Field practice and adaptation

    • A. Practical knowledge
    • B. Corporation in field practice
    • C. Entrepreneurship
Global attainments Analyzing, creating, and planning Managing, communicating, negotiating Field practice and adaptation
Foundation courses
  • Theory of Volunteering
  • Seminar for Academic Life
  • Practical English
  • Introduction to Social Welfare in International Perspective
  • Global Resources and Environment Management
  • Green Growth Society
  • Reading the Great Books and Writing for Social Science
  • Academic English
  • English for International Development Cooperation (1)
  • English for International Development Cooperation (2)
  • Understanding of Global Cooperation and Practice
Introductory courses
  • Global Society and Culture
  • Understanding of International Development
  • Introduction to Regional Development
  • Understanding of Development Economics
  • Leadership Theory and Practice
  • Conflict and Negotiation Management
  • Introduction to Saemaul Studies
  • Seminar in Saemaul Undong and International Development
  • Saemaul Program Evaluation
  • Korea Community Development
  • Social Research Methodology
  • Community Welfare
  • Citizen Participation & NGO
  • Saemaul Education
  • Saemaul Project Practices
  • Saemaul Undong Planning & Practice
  • Rural Development
  • Comparative Community Development
Core major courses International development
  • International Organization Stuies
  • International Development and Official Development Assistance (ODA)
  • International Development and Telecommunications
  • International Development Policy
  • Social Work Practice in Global Age
  • International Relationship & Cooperation
  • Development Organization and Welfare Administration
  • Socialwork Practicum
  • Management of International Development Project
  • International Society and Welfare Policy
  • International Society and Welfare Policy
  • Social Work with the Aged (Elder Care)
  • Development and Evaluation of Social Welfare Service Programs
  • Social Work Practice in Global Age
Selective major courses Economy
  • Korea Development Economics
  • Regional Economics
  • Statistics for Community Development
  • Economic Analysis for International Development
  • Development Cooperation Internship and Practical Training
  • Cooperatives and Social Enterprise
  • Public Planning Theory
  • Urban Regional Planning
  • Public Investment Analysis
  • Social Overhead Capital (SOC) Studies
  • Planning Finance
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Regional Management
  • Sustainable Environment Management
  • Spatial Structure and Land Use