What is Saemaul

The department of Saemaul Studies and International Development provides hands-on experience in the national development of Korea in theory and practice. Saemau Undong has been recognized as the driving force behind the unprecedented speed of modernization and

economic development in Korea. It is also viewed as one of the most effective model in eliminating poverty around the world. In addition, students also study regional development and social welfare in international development context. This will help students equip with a wide range of knowledge and skills required to be an expert and practitioner in this field.

Saemaul Undong

Saemaul Undong, with the slogan “Can Do” or “We Can Do It”, was a nationwide spiritual-reform and attitudinal-change movement for better life, which contributed to the modernization of Korea. It was a very successful social movement that went beyond rural villages and

extended to urban industrial areas, schools and other work places, which put ‘We’ above ‘I’ for the common good, which the devoted leaders put their full efforts into, and which the community members actively responded to and participated in.

* Saemaul : ‘Sae’ means new and ‘Maul’, village or town, the basic unit of community.

International Development

International Development major seeks to cultivate, through its interdisciplinary program, future leaders who are equipped with not only theoretical knowledge and practical competence but also creative problem-solving capability and leadership skills. Students will be introduced from hte perspective of national strategy to the meaning and purpose of international development which will be followed by an in-depth overview of the history, current practice and strategies of Korea’s international development cooperation that has had its focus on Official Development Assistance[ODA]